Requirements to Be a Contractor

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Are you thinking about the possibility of beginning a career in the building business, but are uncertain of how to start? This is the perfect article to get your thought process flowing. The requirements for a contractor are not tough to meet, nevertheless, advanced preparation is critical to guarantee a smooth process into your builder livelihood.

First, let’s concentrate on the criteria you will have to meet put forth by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors: MSBOC you will need to:

Qualify for the State Contractor’s Exam. And to get this done, you must have a minimum of four years of expertise. You will find four experience levels that include contractor, foreman, journeyman and an owner-builder.

Additionally, you will have to have your experience-level supported/confirmed with a viable source. For example, your experience could be validated through a customer you completed sufficient work for, an employer or a co-worker, a realtor, construction inspector or another professional builder. The individual who you select to back up your expertise will need to finish a short portion of your application (the experience certification section) so for you to have a precise and complete form to sit and submit for the state examination.

Ask credit towards the four-year requirement for a successfully completed apprenticeship or any technical instruction. Even though there are no education requirements you want to meet to sit for the examination, when you have completed any contractor-related courses/apprenticeships, you can get credit towards fulfilling the four-year experience requirement.

Obtain an application for original contractor’s license online. Did you know that it is easy to access and print many of the types you need on the MSBOC web site – like the application you want to have approved to sit for the Mississippi Builder Licence examination. On a specific note, please make sure you thoroughly check your completed form for accuracy. Otherwise, if there is an incomplete or incorrect section, you might delay your acceptance process. Also, plan ahead, because there will be an application processing fee.

Be prepared to pass your nascla exam prep course the first time. How many times will it take you to pass your builder license test? The solution should be – Once! In order to be successful the first time around and eventually become a builder, consider the benefits of taking an online contractor program or checking out builder exam prep classes. Advanced preparation can greatly improve your spirits and confidence while at the same time progressing smoothly through this process.

What about specialization classifications for your contractors’ license? Did you that there are more than 43 different contractor license classes it is possible to pursue? Upon getting your permit, you will likely concentrate to become either a general engineering contractor or a general building contractor. And those designations could be further enhance with your special areas of experience


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