All You Need to Know About Contractor Exams


If you are wondering how to get licensed as a contractor, there are things that you need to know so that you get licensed successfully. First, a licensed contractor must be 18 years of age and older as well as have the experience and skills to be able to manage a construction business.  All the businesses or individuals who are responsible for construction of buildings, highways, excavation or any other steel structures must be licensed with their state license board. It is important that the contractor be licensed before being able to submit any bids.

Apart from the financial requirements that have to be met, it usually costs $300 for the application fee that is usually non-refundable. $150 is payable for the initial license fee for one classification and you are required to renew the license after every 2 years. The license renewal fee is now at $300. If you visit any of the contractor state license board’s offices, you will be able to get the application for original contractor’s license. You are also able to download the form online. You will need at least four years of experience for you to qualify for the nascla exam.

You will be required to pass the law and trade exams unless you meet the requirements for a waiver, if you are to get the license. Usually, the exam notice will be sent a few weeks before the exam date so that you are able to prepare for it. You will get credit if you have ever worked as an owner-builder, foreman, supervising employee or contractor. You will be required to be fingerprinted or need to undergo a criminal background check after you apply. Only after you pass the background checks will the license be issued to you and the additional cost will be passed to you.

There are no education requirements for you to qualify for a license. However, you are highly encouraged to seek assistance from a school that specializes with helping applicants pass their alabama home builders license exams. There is requirement that you show proof of general liability insurance coverage before you get insurance. It is worth noting that there is no minimum policy amount for the license holders who build residentially. The commercial applicants on the other hand will be required to provide proof of insurance through issuing a certificate with a minimum coverage of $300000. The license can allow a residential license holder to work on a commercial project as long as the job does not exceed 7500 square feet.


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